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Widex Bravissimo


Bravissimo Features include:

  • High Quality and Lower Cost line of digital hearing aids
  • 100% Digital Signal Processing (D.S.P.)
  • Models available with Directional and Omnidirectional microphones
  • Automatic Performance (but there is also a manual volume control on most ITE & BTE models)
  • Sound Stabilizer and Microphone Noise Reduction to help ensure natural and comfortable sound
  • Enhanced Wide Dynamic Range Compression so that conversational speech is natural, soft speech is audible, and loud sounds are not uncomfortable.
  • Good Fitting Flexibility, which gives your Hearing Healthcare Professional many options to choose from to program the hearing aids to your specific needs
  • Reduced risk of feedback (whistling) due to the Automatic Feedback Manager
  • Models for people with mild to profound hearing losses
  • Long Battery Life with beep-tone warnings for battery replacement