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Are you in need Custom Ear molds?

Custom Ear molds for Practically ANY In-Ear Hearing Aid and Accessories including musician molds, in ear monitors, swim plugs, and ear plugs.

We offer many different styles of custom molds to fit all varieties of hearing loss in. Some styles include canal molds, skeleton molds, full shell molds, half shell molds, hollow sleeve molds, and c-shell molds and not limited to, stethoscope molds and musician molds. These custom molds can come in different materials depending on the patient. Arcylic is the most popular for its durability. Silicone and Soft Silicone are made of a hypo-allergenic material for patients with skin sensitivity.

The function of the custom earmold

The custom earmold couples your hearing instrument to your ear. Its purpose is to :
  • Channel sound from the hearing instrument, though the ear canal, to the eardrum.
  • Secure the hearing instrument in place.
...physical comfort
  • Custom made for your ear, the earmold should fit so perfectly that, after an initial adjustment period, you won't know you're wearing it.
...sound control
  • The well-fitted custom earmold directs sound from your hearing instrument to your ear without feedback (a whistling noise). This allows you to hear, comfortably and unobtrusively, the sounds and voices you want to hear.

Caring for your earmold - maintenance and hygiene

Clean the earmold daily
  • Wipe the earmold daily with a dry, soft cloth.
  • Always check the opening of the earmold to be sure it is not clogged with ear wax. A clogged opening will prevent sound from reaching your ear.
Custom ear molds can be made in 4 easy steps.

1. First we inspect the ear with an otoscopic exam to make sure it is clear of wax or debree.
2. Place the oto-block
3. Set the impression material in the ear
4. Take out the set ear impression

This process takes 7-10 minutes from start to finish and ear molds range from $40-$250 each depending on the needs of the patient.

In- ear monitors, ear plugs, thin-tube molds, swim plugs, and musician molds available in many styles and colors.

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