Widex BEYOND Fusion 2 440

The Widex BEYOND™ is the first Made-For-iPhone (2.4 GHz) hearing aid produced by Widex. Widex claims that BEYOND™ has better audio streaming sound quality and lower power consumption (while streaming) than any other Made-For-iPhone hearing aid. BEYOND™ is compatible with Widex's full suite of wireless devices (DEX range) and supports teleocoil functionality, which is important for anyone wanting to use a hearing loop. Hearing loops are often installed in meeting spaces, auditoriums, churches, etc, to give a direct sound to the hearing aid user. For a more detailed description of features, see Widex Introduces Made For iPhone, from our friends at Hearing Aid Know.

The companion BEYOND™ App (Requires iOS 9.0 or later) allows users to do the following with their hearing aids via the app (via iTunes):

  • Adjust hearing aid volume, and mute hearing aids

  • Adjust directional focus to aid listening

  • Choose your favorite programs to appear on the front page

  • Add locations to programs for automatic selection when in specific places

  • Adjust the sound equalization in up to three bands, or choose from sound pre-sets

  • Access help in using the app, connecting and troubleshooting

Some limitations of the Widex BEYOND™ App:

  • No support for geotagging at this point (Supposedly coming 1st quarter 2017). Some other apps allow users to set sound preferences by location

  • No "find my hearing aids" functionality. Some other apps allow users to find hearing aids using the app

  • Possible problem using Siri while phone is connected to hearing aids (see reviews on iTunes)

Update - March 2017

  • Geotagging and find my hearing aids are now both available in the BEYOND app as well as the ability to make personalized programs through the app.

  • Widex released the BEYOND app for select Android phones earlier this month. This will not allow direct streaming (must use one of our DEX accessories for streaming); however, this allows Android patients to utilize the app for the sound quality controls that are in the app. According to the Play store, the Android app works with the following phone models: Samsung Galaxy® S7, Samsung Galaxy® S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy® S6, Samsung Galaxy® S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy® Note 4, Samsung Galaxy® Note 5.

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