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Widex UNIQUE Fusion 440

Widex UNIQUE Sound Class Technology
Sound class technology – means less need for changing programs
Distinct sound classes – automatically classifies the sound environment
Speech detector - determines whether prominent speech is present
Intelligent internal controller - assures optimal audibility or comfort in each sound class
Smooth transitioning between controller settings - ensures that users aren’t disturbed when the hearing aid changes between listening environments

Widex UNIQUE Analog-to-Digital Converters
This Widex video explains the benefits of their new 4 A/D converter system:

4 dedicated A/D converters - deliver full feature functionality with all input types
113 dB SPL upper limit - means fewer artifacts in noisy environments
5 dB SPL lower limit - gives access to more soft level sounds
Linear throughout the range - means a full soundscape across the whole frequency range

Widex UNIQUE Wind Noise Attenuation
Benefits of the Wind Noise Attenuator (WNA):

Improved speech understanding in wind
Better sound quality in windy conditions
Less chance users will need to remove their hearing aids when outdoors

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