Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit R T 600

Unitron Tempus Moxi Fit R T 600 Product Information
Unitron T Moxi™ Fit R is the newest addition to Unitron's Moxi™ Fit family, this time running on the new Tempus™ platform (more on that below). Moxi™ Fit is a popular form factor for Unitron, largely due to the small size and discretion of Moxi™ Fit devices. What's impressive is that Unitron has managed to deliver a small device, running on a size 312 battery, that is able to deliver ear-to-ear audio streaming, wireless streaming, support for hearing loops, and the rechargeability! Other notable features include frequency compression, tinnitus masking, Flex:trial, and compatibility with Unitron's uControl™ app (available on iOS and Android).

Unitron claims that Unitron T Moxi™ Fit R is "the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing instrument." From what we've seen, we agree. And the best part? Unitron has worked with ZPower to bring NASA's Silver-Zinc battery technology to a mainstream hearing aid release. While Lithium-ion and Silver-Zinc rechargeable batteries are both hot on the hearing aid market right now, ZPower has made the argument that its batteries are safer, longer-lasting, more eco-friendly, and as an added bonus - made in the USA.

Tempus Platform
Unitron claims that Tempus is 50% more accurate, and 36% faster than Unitron's previous processing platform, Unitron North™. Here's a little more description, courtesy Unitron:

It’s time to meet our newest platform. Tempus is the latest proof of our passion for bringing technologies to market that help patients solve their biggest complaints around conversations. We channeled the extremely high performance of Tempus into making sure patients can hear their absolute best in every type of conversation, including those with a lot of background noise. And it’s all thanks to our highly intelligent SoundCore™ technology.

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