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Siemens Acuris HS

Performance runs in the family
Synchronized, automatic, simpler than
ever to control, there’s never been a more
complete family. Siemens ACURIS with e2e wireless.
The world’s first true binaural hearing
system. It’s a whole range of solutions
which together redraws the borders of
what’s possible. And in the process, redefines
what a superb hearing system can be.
From our complete line of custom products
like our Siemens Micro-CIC to our Siemens ACURIS P BTE,
we have considered every aspect of what
individuals with hearing loss need in a
hearing system. Which is why the Siemens ACURIS
binaural system provides a solution for
all degrees of hearing loss, all ages, and
all kinds of listening situations. All with
a unique focus on comfort, ease of use,
and cosmetic appeal.
A complete line of custom products
Every product in our custom line, whether
it’s a Siemens Micro-CIC, ITC, HS, or ITE, is standard
with Siemens e2e wireless. And for the first time ever,
thanks to the optional Siemens ePocket, wearers of
Micro-CICs can enjoy up to three programs
and volume control. Proving once again that
very small can be very powerful.

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