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Siemens Artis 2 CIC

Siemens ARTIS 2 recognizes and supports wearers’ needs and preference providing confident and comfortable communication in a variety of hearing settings. With a unique blend of state-of-the-art technologies, Siemens ARTIS 2 enables people with hearing loss to share in many of life’s sources of inspiration.
DataLearning™  - actually learns the wearer’s volume preferences for each hearing program and automatically adjusts, also logs data to assist Professionals in fitting and counseling in follow-up visits
e2e wireless™ - creates natural and effortless binaural hearing including precise sound localization, synchronized volume & program settings, and better hearing comfort in noisy environments
ePocket™ remote control option – for wearers who want control without fuss, volume adjustment, program changes, as well as instrument status (including battery power level) can be made with the touch of a button
Feedback cancellation – optimal adaptation speed to eliminate feedback and avoid artifacts is automatically selected
Speech and noise management – reduces background noise for improved hearing comfort without compromising speech intelligibility
Automatic and multichannel, adaptive directional microphone system – adapts to the listening situation and optimizes system settings to improve speech intelligibility in noisy situations, even when multiple moving noise sources are present
eWindScreen™ - reduces the bothersome turbulence of wind, even in mild wind conditions
AutoPhone™ - automatically engages a dedicated telephone or telecoil program during phone use, and returns to the last program used when finished

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