Siemens Acuris

• Fully digital 12-channel BTE instruments
• For mild through moderate hearing loss, ski-slope hearing
loss and first wearers
• Sleek micro-BTE design with no controls on the housing
• Very thin and inconspicuous LifeTube for right and
left sides, available in various lengths and depths
• High-speed automatic feedback cancellation
• Adaptive noise reduction and adaptive speech
enhancement in 12 channels
• Efficient fitting with workflow oriented Siemens CONNEXX™ software
Standard Features
• Audible signal indicators for low battery voltage
• Nanocoated BTE housing repels water, sweat, and other
adherents for easy cleaning and enhanced reliability
• Battery compartment with ON/OFF function
• Housing in beige, tobacco, gray, granite, black, silver,
and transparent
• Life Fitting Set including LifeTips, LifeTubes,
LifeTube Selector, and other fitting accessories
• Refill sets for the Life Fitting Set
• Standard earhook with damper

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