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Electone Aurora Full Shell

Four channels for maximum fitting flexibility
Three adjustable Crossover frequencies utilized by Connexx fitting
algorithms to produce precise First Fits for all hearing loss configurations
100% digital signal processing provides exceptional sound quality
User friendly controls indicate precise Gain and Compression
values for all four channels
Three software programming pages (Tabs) for increased
adjustable parameters includes:
Gain Tab: Frequency Shaping, Gain for Soft Sounds
and Gain for Loud Sounds
Compression/Output Tab: Compression Kneepoint (CK)
Compression Ratio (CR) Compression Method (Dual or Syllabic)
and Output Limiting
Special Tab: Active Noise Suppression System, Directional
Microphone, Signal Beeps, Power-On Delay
Feedback Management System
Programmable Telecoil and Switchless Telecoil with mT-MT-T options
Programmable Volume Control
Microphone Noise reduction
Multi-Memory: up to three memories available

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