Signia ARTIS 2 SP

Siemens Artis 2 SP Product Details: Fully Digital 12-Channel Behind-the-Ear Instrument For Moderate to Profound Hearing Losses ARTIS 2 offers a unique blend of state-of-the-art performance technologies found in Siemens’ top of the line digital hearing instruments at a more affordable price. Product Highlights: Data Learning - registers your volume preferences for each hearing program and automatically adjusts, also logs data to assist professionals in fitting and counseling in follow-up visits # e2e Wireless - synchronize the signal processing of both hearing instruments so that they operate simultaneously as one unit. This means that the two instruments are always properly balanced so you hear and identify sounds better # ePocket Remote Control (optional accessory) – volume adjustment, program changes, control without fuss, as well as instrument status (including battery power level) can be made with the touch of a button Standard SIEMENS Artis 2 SP BTE Features: # For moderate to profound hearing losses # Programmable, 12-channel digital signal processing # e2e (ear-to-ear) Wireless # Optional use of ePocket remote to control volume, change program, & get battery life readout # Background noise reduction with speech enhancement # Automatic and adaptive feedback cancellation # Automatic situation detection, including music detection (optional programming feature) # Data Learning # Nanocoated housing # Up to three individual listening programs # High performance, automatic and adaptive directional microphone # AutoPhone – switchless automatic telecoil (t-coil) # Program selection push-button # Manual volume control wheel # Electronic eWindscreen adaptive wind noise reduction # Audio input capability # Audible alert tones for low battery and program change # Size 675 battery # Available Colors - beige, black, brown, granite, grey, light blue, light pink, pearl white, silver, transparent, or translucent fun colors: blue, green, orange, pink, purple

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