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Established technologies and features

Building upon the success of its predecessor, CIELO 2 offers even
greater hearing comfort and convenience. Thanks to proven technologies
and features, CIELO 2 makes it easy to find joy in the everyday moments
of life.

  • Data logging – collects information on hearing
    preferences such as duration of use, volume changes, and program
    usage that can be used for easier fine tuning

  • Automatic and adaptive directional microphone system
    – proven to improve speech understanding in noisy situations

  • Speech and noise management – minimizes
    intrusive noises that can interfere with listening enjoyment,
    without compromising speech intelligibility

  • AutoPhone™ - automatically engages a special
    program for use with a hearing instrument compatible telephone, and
    then automatically returns to the last listening program when the
    phone call is finished

  • Wind noise reduction – detects and
    automatically reduces wind noise

  • ePocket™ remote control option – controls the
    volume, changes listening programs and reads out the instrument
    status without having to touch the hearing instrument

  • Environmental classification system
    automatically aligns the digital signal processing  to the present
    listening situation

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