Audina Intuition 4+

Intuition 4+ features state-of-the-art technology which results in a crisp, digital sound without the distortion associated with previous generations of hearing instruments. This instrument addresses a wide range of hearing loss, including severe losses without the annoyance and fatigue created by background noise.
- Advanced Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
  • CIC style will fit up to an 80dB loss
  • Up to 22dB added stable gain
  • More resistant to entrainment – won’t distort music or other multi-tonal inputs
  • Works on all frequencies simultaneously
- Layered Noise Reduction
  • Reduces annoyance and fatigue of background noise while giving clarity and low distortion to speech input
  • Each of these layers (syllabic, environment and quick-recovery) attacks noise with a distinct protocol - acting independently, yet in parallel
  • 128 Frequency Bands that combine into 10 independent noise reduction bands which can be individually altered without generating distortion Results in a full and clear speech production while significantly reducing background noise

- Powerful Dynamic Contrast Detection Compression
  • Three-mode adaptive time constants to optimize AGC performance in critical environments without distortion
- 2-Year Warranty with 1-Year Loss and Damage
- Available in all ITE styles

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