Audina Intuition 4AD

Intuition 4AD features state-of-the-art technology which results in crisp, digital sound without the distortion associated with previous generations of hearing instruments. The Adaptive Directionality automatically switches between omni and directional response depending on noise in the environment. The Intuition addresses a wider range of hearing loss than the majority of hearing instruments available today – up to 22dB added stable gain. It allows larger venting and more open fittings for better fit and patient comfort.

Adaptive Directionality (Standard on the Intuition 4AD): Automatically switches between omni and directional microphones depending on noise in the environment. It adapts to the source of speech, enhancing the speech intelligibility in difficult listening situations and eliminates the unwanted noise. The effortless, smooth transition to different listening modes is seamless to the patient while it automatically compensates low frequency roll-off based on the individual’s hearing loss.

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation: Leading the industry, the Adaptive Feedback Cancellation system provides up to 22dB added stable gain in our custom instruments. Its superior performance allows up to 60db of peak gain in our CIC instrument. Constant monitoring automatically eliminates whistling and optimizes adaptation speed to maximize resistance to tonal artifacts such as horns, organ music, timer alarms and bells. The adaptive feedback cancellation system provides optimal adaptation rates to enhance listener comfort while in conversations.

Environmental Recognition System (ERS): Unique sound environments are identified and the system automatically adjusts unwanted background noise such as wind, air conditioning and fans. The continuous monitoring provides sound-conditioning without suppressing important speech queues. 128 bands attack noise of all intensities in three layers while seamlessly transitioning from one environment to the next. This adaptation maximizes incoming speech integrity providing the ultimate listening comfort for the patient.

Dynamic Contrast Detection: Enhances the speech without distortion, giving increased gain to soft speech that would normally not be detected. The dynamic contrast detection feature will increase the gain for the incoming soft speech, automatically detecting the different intensities between the hearing instrument wearer’s own voice and others in the conversation – rapidly adjusting to accommodate the incoming signal.

Look-ahead Monitor: Dedicated to loud inputs, this system works in conjunction with Dynamic Contrast Detection and automatically adjusts the signal to sudden loud inputs before they are heard by the hearing instrument user.

In-Situ Verification (Standard on the Intuition 4AD): Assists with comfortable fitting based on wearer’s preferences.

Programmable Power-on Delay (Standard on the Intuition 4AD): Gives the patient time to insert their hearing instrument without the normal whistling or feedback common when placing the hearing instrument in their ear. Select from4 “Power-on Delay” options of 3 to 15 seconds, along with 4 power level settings (normal, comfortable, soft and quiet) during the delay for added patient comfort.

Standard Features:

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

Environmental Recognition System

Dynamic Contrast Detection

Look-Ahead Monitor

Low battery indicator

2-year warranty with 1-year loss and damage

Shell colors – Pink, tan, light brown, brown, and clear

Intuition 4AD Additional Features:

Adaptive Directionality

In-Situ Verification

Programmable Power-on Delay

Available in all ITE styles

Optional Features:

Multi Memory (2-4)

Plus Power

Programmable Telecoil

Service Bundled Price

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Service Unbundled Price

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