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ReSound Resound Ziga

Feel Ziga

ReSound Ziga addresses patient’s objections to the look and feel of a hearing instrument. With an entirely new housing that is the most elegant in the basic segment, ReSound Ziga is a slimmer, sleeker instrument that is discreet and comfortable on the ear.

ReSound Ziga’s Open fit design ensures a comfortable fit, free of occlusion. ReSound invented open fittings and has continued to lead the way in breakthroughs that make instruments easier for end users to accept

Fit Ziga

Patients, especially new patients, can be uncomfortable with the process of purchasing a hearing instrument. ReSound Ziga ensures an efficient, accurate fit that will make the fitting process easy and simple for both dispenser and patient.

Hear Ziga

When considering purchasing a hearing instrument, many patients fear they’re going to invest a significant amount of money into that instrument - yet not hear a real difference wearing it. ReSound Ziga erases that fear.

ReSound Ziga offers adaptive directionality, never before available in this segment, enabling better speech understanding in difficult listening situations. ReSound Ziga also offers our Dual Stabilizer II feedback technology, which is so effective at removing feedback that it allows for more headroom allowing for greater flexibility for adjustments over time.

ReSound Ziga—changing the way your patient’s feel about hearing aids!

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