ReSound Metrix


ReSound Metrix™ provides unrivaled advantages when it comes to making sense of busy, noisy situations. Dual Stabilizer™ and Real-world Adaptive Directionality represent the very latest developments in feedback cancellation and improved directionality.
While Softswitching™ makes ReSound Metrix™™ the first instrument to automatically switch smoothly and subtly between functions, without making it obvious to the user.


ReSound Metrix’s Warp technology is designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality. Warp’s 17-band compression provides highly accurate resolution across the full range of frequencies.
Warp has also made it possible to design the most effective noise cancellation system ever invented: NoiseTracker ™


Working hand-in-hand with the new Aventa 2.0™ fitting software, ReSound Metrix™’s Onboard Analyzer™ uses the latest data-logging technology to provide a precise, complete picture of the user's listening environment.


As many as 35% of hearing instrument users cite occlusion as a source of dissatisfaction with their hearing instruments. Wwith ReSound Metrix™ the number should drop significantly!

ReSound Metrix™ supports a large variety of open-fitting solutions as standard. If the user’s hearing loss falls within the open-fitting range, the benefits of Dual Stablizer™ and Warp compressor™ technology mean they can enjoy feedback-free, truly non-occluding fittings – without having to sacrifice functionality

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