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ReSound Air Hearing Aid

ReSoundAIR™ are the first digital hearing instrument made specifically for the needs of people with high-frequency hearing loss. This dynamic new
technology addresses common wearer frustrations, such as problems with the sound of your own voice and excessive whistling. And just as important, GN ReSound AIR’s design makes it the most unobtrusive hearing
instrument you can wear.


ReSoundAIR incorporates our exclusive ComforTec™ technology – a set of amazing hardware and software features that ensure clear, natural sound quality and superior listening comfort:

Unique venting designs
Keep the ear canal open to reduce the plugged-up sensation.

New Mini-BTE fitting system
Replaces the traditional ear molds with very thin tubing and a dome that’s virtually invisible, even to those looking directly at your ear. It’s easy to insert and clings to the ear.

WarpOpen™ compression system
Provides clean, clear sound quality with no annoying “amplified” quality.

Stabilizer™ digital feedback suppression
Offers the ability to hear soft, high-pitched sounds without the annoying whistling interference.

Multi-band, fast-acting noise reduction
Reduces background noise, for increased comfort in both noisy and quiet listening situations.
With GN ReSoundAIR, you get clean, crisp, natural sound. For people with high-frequency hearing loss, there’s simply no better choice than ReSoundAIR.

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