Bernafon ICOS 105 DM VC

Product Features

Client Profile
The combination of individual needs and preferences with audiometric data drives the automatic allocation of programs and the behaviour of the adaptive settings in ICOS.

  • Lifestyle Profile

  • Clinical Profile

  • AudioMatics

    The adaptive features in ICOS are combined as needed to maximize performance in the recognized environment.

    • Audio Navigation Program™

    • 3 freely configurable listening programs

    • Dedicated DAI/FM listening program

    • Multi-Dimensional Directionality

    • Adaptive Noise Reduction in 8 bands

    • Audio Recognition™ with 4 different monitors

    • Soft Noise Management

    • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

    • OpenFit™

    • 7-channel digital signal processing

    • Optimization

      Apart from advanced fine-tuning tools, ICOS offers an in-depth insight into the use and behavior of the hearing system while worn by your client. It provides a solid foundation for clear and accurate recommendations for maximal optimization.

      • ICOS Tracker (Data logging) with fine-tune proposals

      • Sound Check™

      • 7-Channel TriQualizer™

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