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Oticon Oticon Nera2 RITE

The Oticon OPN 2 Minirite RIC Hearing Aid is next in line in the Oticon stable of products.

The Oticon OPN 2 is for those of us with moderate hearing loss and prone not to be in incredibly noisy environments.

If you’ve been struggling to hear conversations at dinner or in the office, the Oticon OPN 2 will give you an easier listening experience with moderate reduction of background noise. If you decide to venture out for lunch and the restaurant is noisy, the Oticon OPN 2 still does a fantastic job at reducing loud noise coming from specific directions. We know how important it is to hear every word and the Oticon OPN 2 preserves speech which will allow you to spend more energy on enjoying yourself and less energy on attempting to hear clearly.

We all know how frustrating it can be answering phone calls while using older hearing aids. The Oticon OPN 2 exchanges data 21 times per second between the two hearing aids, and 4 times than previous generations. What all this means for you is that the The Oticon OPN 2 connects directly to your iPhone or Android with zero fuss for clarity while on the phone. If you’re a music buff or want to hear your favorite shows or movies clearly, the Stereo Bluetooth low energy (BLE) 2.4 GHz connects seamlessly to electronic devices and even your TV with the Oticon TV Adapter 3.0.

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