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Audina Foundation

The Foundation is Audina’s answer to quality digital processing at an affordable price. This one channel digital hearing aid offers the flexibility of seven parameters, which are programmed by your hearing healthcare provider with the intuitive ezFIT software. With Audina’s unique fine-tuning guide, programming is now made easier than ever, allowing your hearing healthcare provider to make fine-tuning adjustments in seven critical speech and listening parameters. This, in combination with the relationship with your hearing healthcare provider, will ensure a smooth transition through the adjustment process into a happy and successful hearing aid experience. The Foundation comes in all custom styles and is designed for a wide range of hearing losses. With the Foundation, you will be amazed with what you hear.

Seven Programmable Parameters Low Cut, High Cut, Compression Ratio, Threshold Kneepoint, Gain, AGC-o, and Variable Feedback Notch Filter. The Foundation also incorporates a low-level expansion circuit to reduce noise in quiet environments.

Peak Matrix

  • Full Shell 117/49
  • Canal 111/43
  • CIC 103/33
  • Slope configurable with software

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