Prairie Labs Monarch Mini Convertible BTE

4-Channel WDRC Compression
· 12-Band Equalizer for Fine Tuning at all Frequencies.
· Up to Four Programmable Memories with Memory Identification Tones.
· Low Battery Warning Tone (Alerts User of Low Battery Level).
· Adaptive Feedback Rejection for Improved Stability and Higher Gains.
· Noise Reduction Reduces Noise when Speech is not present.
· 4 different Standard size tubes and 3 standard size domes available.
· Variable Domes & Custom Molds are available for added performance. (extra charges apply)
· Converts from an Open Fit aid to a BTE aid or a BTE to an Open Fit in a Snap in your Office.
Quick and Easy.
· 1 year warranty including Loss & Damage
· Available in Beige.

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