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Sonic Sound™ is unique, patented advanced digital signal processing (DSP) that preserves the natural sound quality provided by the human cochlea. By employing a nonlinear strategy that separates the input signal into 24 independent compression channels, Sonic Sound™ delivers an optimal listening and communication experience.

What makes Sonic Sound™ so natural?
  • 24 Compression Channels
  • Variable Compression Time Constants
  • Frequency-Shaped Time Constants
  • Symmetric Attack and Release

iNR™ uses both the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and the input level of the noise to calculate the optimal level of noise reduction. In addition, iNR™ examines the frequency content of the input and applies varying degrees of reduction based on the hearing loss in specified regions.

What makes iNR™ so unique?

  • Sensitive to both the SNR and the input level of the noise
  • Operates independently in each of the 24 compression channels
  • Degree of reduction is frequency based, with more aggressive iNR™ where the loss is mild and less iNR™ where preservation of all sounds is important.