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Refurbished Hearing Aids:
Now Hear This….. You can get hearing aids at a portion of the cost!
We’ll let you in on a secret. You can have access to refurbished hearing aids. Often times these hearing aids have been demonstration models or worn for less than a month or even weeks. There isn’t a problem with them, but they can’t be sold as new.

We have refurbished hearing aids available for sale like Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, and Starkey. is your one stop shop to better hearing while saving thousands of dollars.

These are refurbished by leading laboratories to perfect conditions and feature a six month warranty and can be fit to you the consumer. Here is a of a few top brands:
Electone AM260AGC$359.99
Electone AM260TM$379.99
Oticon 380P$649.99
Oticon Personic 420$439.99
Oticon Syncro Power$449.99
Oticon Epoq XW RITE$549.99
Oticon Delta 6000$449.99
Oticon GO$419.99
Oticon Vigo RIC$519.99
Oticon Syncro$419.99
Oticon HIT BTE$479.99
Oticon Delta 8000$479.99
Oticon Delta 4000$419.99
Phonak AudeoIX$629.99
Phonak Audeo Yes IX$649.99
Phonak Audeo III$569.99
Phonak Soundpilot remote$379.99
Phonak Keypilot remote$379.99
Phonak Aero 311 AZ Forte$419.99
Phonak Exelia Art P$559.99
Phonak Pico CST$399.99
Phonak Naida V UP$549.99
Phonak Naida V S$549.99
Phonak Power Maxx 411$419.99
Phonak Savia Art 311 DSZ$489.99
Phonak Supero 413 AZ$509.99
Phonak Eleva 211 DAZ$419.99
Phonak Eleva 411 DAZ$459.99
Phonak NIOS MICRO V$509.99
Phonak AERO 211 AZ$419.99
Phonak PICO FORTE C$419.99
Phonak PICO FORTE PPSC2$419.99
Phonak PICO FORTE PPCL$419.99
Resound Air 60+$439.99
Resound AZ60-DA AZURE$609.99
Resound CANTA 770 D$449.99
Resound Pulse PS60 312$499.99
Resound Pixel PL60-DI$509.99
Siemens Acuris Life$539.99
Siemens Cielo Life$469.99
Siemens Infiniti Pro$439.99
Siemens Pure 500 RIC$629.99
Siemens Motion 500P$649.99
Siemens 24 PPAGCIH$359.99
Starkey A675TSP$739.99
Starkey Davinci PXPB$509.99
Starkey Destiny 400$519.99
Starkey Destiny 1200$479.99
Starkey Destiny 1200 OTE$439.99
Starkey Destiny 1200 Power Plus$749.99
Starkey S Series 5 RIC$589.99
Starkey S Series 11 RIC$709.99
Starkey S Series IQ 11 RIC$749.99
Starkey WI Series i110 RIC 312$849.99
Starkey WI Series i70 RIC 312$769.99
Starkey X Series 110 RIC 312$739.99
Starkey X Series70 RIC 312$739.99
Starkey Ignite 20 RIC 312$559.99
Starkey Ignite i30 RIC 312$649.99
Starkey ZON 3 RIC$489.99
Starkey ZON 7 RIC$529.99
Starkey A675SSP$649.99
Unitron Next 8$519.99
Unitron US80PPL$519.99
Unitron YUU MODA II$519.99
Unitron Element 16$539.99
Viennatone BW84 Body Aid$749.99
Oticon E380P$359.00
Interton IQ Quantum$359.00
Oticon E40$359.00
Oticon E42$359.00
Oticon Adapto$359.00
Oticon Compact M$359.00
Oticon Compact P$359.00
Phonak Valeo 211 AZ$359.00
Plus Many More models available!
**RIC models-receivers not included
**Prices and availability are subject to change

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