Phonak eXtra
eXtra redefines the value segment by offering the most advanced feature set in its class. The SoundManager with EasyPhone ensures automatic feature activation for quiet and noisy situations, as well as hassle-free telephone use. DataLogging gives access to real life usage data for individualized counseling. eXtraSound broadband frequency response allows for a fuller and more natural sound experience.

eXtra hearing instruments are available in many colors. A design-integrated mini FM-receiver (ML9S) as well as an audio sho (AS9) for MicroMLxS are available for BTEs. The MyLink FM receiver is compativle with all eXtra models with T-coil, including the custom products.

The eXtra product family is available in a complete range of products, from CIC, or microBTE, to power BTE and power ITE with BassBoost.

  • Fully programmable digital hearing system
  • 6 channels
  • SoundManager - automatic feature activation
  • AudioZoom
  • DataLogging
  • EasyPhone - automatic activation of telephone program
  • Modern design
  • eXtraSound
  • Digital Noise Canceler
  • Flexible fitting - choice of Sound Delivery System
  • Feedback Phase Inverter
  • OpenSound fitting
  • Mute mode
  • Up to 2 manually accessible hearing programs
  • Acoustic confirmation for all manual interventions
  • End of battery-life indicator
  • Delayed Start-up
  • BassBoost - additional audibility in both BTE and custom power solutions
  • iPFG version 1.5 or higher, NOAH compatible
  • PC (IBM compatible) with NOAHlink and/or HI-PRO interface
*please note that some features are model dependent