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Unitron Liaison Power BTE

Liaison  Power BTE                 Click here for more Unitron Liaison information.


Dynamic SoundScene provides comfortable, effortless and discreet

transitions within a single program:

Adaptive Beamformer manages noise from any direction, even if it is in

motion, for better speech intelligibility

Intelligent Noise Reduction 2.0 analyzes input on three dimensions and

automatically reduces noise signals independently in each of the 16

channels. Customizable with activation level and degree of noise

reduction settings

Realtime feedback canceller reacts within milliseconds using

independent narrow band detectors to provide precise and

adaptive feedback cancellation

Wind noise manager intuitively engages based on moderate

or high wind conditions providing more enjoyment in outdoor


16 channels provide high resolution signal processing

Dynamic range mapping functions independently across all 16 channels to

allow for accurate mapping of a wide range of input levels (quiet mode

expansion, linear, wide dynamic range compression, output limiting)

Up to three programs to provide flexibility for personalized fittings

Manual mode offers customizable programs for unique listening needs

Telecoil (T) or Microphone/Telecoil (MT) option can be set as one of the

three programs

Start up mute

Wearers choose program through push button; audible beep confirms


Low battery warning

Ideal volume indicator provides beep notification when correct gain is

reached on the volume control

Manual volume control can be disabled through software

On/Off by opening or closing the battery door

Liaison can be programmed using NOAH-compatible Unifit and

Standalone Unifit

Direct Audio Input compatible

MLx compatible

Battery size: 13


Tamper-resistant volume control

Tamper-resistant battery door

Filtered earhook

Choice of shell colours

Direct Audio Input battery door unit