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Unitron Unitron Indigo Full Shell

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• AutoPro4 intelligently analyzes the input signal and quickly

adapts to one of 4 distinct destinations permitting the precise

shaping of gain and output

• Multiband adaptive directional microphone system tracks and

suppresses up to 16 different moving noise sources, while

focusing on sounds from front

• Noise reduction analyzes input and automatically reduces noise

signals independently in each of the 16 channels

• Phase canceller continuously monitors the hearing aid for

feedback and accurately calculates the required counter signal

for feedback cancellation

• Wind noise manager intuitively engages based on moderate or

high wind conditions

• 16 channels provide high resolution signal processing

• Dynamic range mapping functions independently across all

16 channels to allow for accurate mapping of a wide range of

input levels

• 3 additional manual programs provide maximal customizability

for individual needs and preferences

• Ideal volume indicator provides a beep notification when correct

gain is reached on the volume control

• Data logging accurately records the hearing aid’s usage, volume

control changes, manual program use

• Low battery warning

• On/Off by opening or closing the battery door

• Indigo can be programmed using NOAH-compatible U:fit and

Standalone U:fit fitting software