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Do you have problems understanding in noise? Do you have difficulty keeping up with conversation? Do you need hearing aids? Do you have problems understanding loved ones? Do people sound like they mumble? Do you have trouble hearing on the phone? We can help!

$499 Custom Hearing Aids

Any Style!

Hearing test ~Local service~ In-office demos
We offer major brand hearing aids. We offer same day fitting on most devices.
Custom hearing aids starting at
$499.00(In-the-ear hearing aids, completely- in- canal hearing aids, In-the-canal hearing aids and more.)
We offer state of the art comprehensive hearing testing.

We sell these following brands:
AHS - Audina - Bernafon - Electone - GHS - Hansaton - Interton - Micro-Tech - Magnatone - Oticon - Phonak - Prairie Labs - Qualitone - ReSound - Rexton - Siemens - Starkey - Sonic Innovations - Unitron - Vivatone - Widex - Audifon - Earmolds - Transear - Signia - test1
Otoscopic Inspection
Bone Conduction Test
Sound Field Test    
Digital Demonstration
Air Conduction Test
You can enjoy Quality hearing aids at affordable prices.
You can save thousands of dollars on quality brands of hearing aids.
We also offer affordable hearing aid repairs for existing hearing aid users. Please refer to our repair page.

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