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Unitron Element 16 Moxi Power

• AutoMic™ automatically switches between omni and directional
mode within a single program. The fitter has the choice of setting the
directional microphone to fixed or adaptive
• 3 additional manual programs provide maximum customization for
individual needs and preferences
• Adaptive directional microphone system tracks and suppresses
moving noise sources, while focusing on sounds from the front
• Noise reduction analyzes input and automatically reduces noise
signals independently in each of the 8 bands
• Speech enhancement analyzes the input signal and automatically
emphasizes speech signals independently in each of the 8 bands
• AntiShock™ instantaneously reduces the level of impulse noises
such as a door slam, while maintaining the quality and intelligibility
of speech
• Phase canceller continuously monitors for feedback and accurately
calculates the required counter signal for feedback cancellation
• OnBoard™ Control is easily configured as a volume control or
program button
• Wind noise manager intuitively engages based on moderate or high
wind conditions
• 8 channels provide high resolution signal processing
• Choice of 2 processing strategies (WDRC and Linear Limiting) for
increased fitting flexibility
• Data logging accurately records the wearer’s usage and manual
program use
• Low battery warning
• Start up delay
• On/Off by opening or closing the battery door
• Element™ 8 Moxi™ can be programmed using NOAH-compatible
U:fit™ and Standalone U:fit fitting software
• Battery size: 312
• Easy-t provides automatic switching to a dedicated telephone
•Choice of 2 receivers