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Unitron Breeze Mini WDRC+3

BREEZE MINI BTE WDRC+3              Click here for more Unitron Breeze information.


• Digital sound processing for clear, comfortable sound

• 2 channel Wide Dynamic Range Compression

• 3 controls provide fitting flexibility

L - Low channel gain (green)

F - Crossover frequency (white)

P - Maximum power output (blue)

• Controls continuously adjustable in steps for precise adjustment

• Set F control counter-clockwise for 4000 Hz position

• Quiet mode expansion for improved sound quality in quiet environments

and reduced circuit noise

• Power management system provides optimized battery life

• Low battery warning

• Volume control: numbered 1 (low) to 4 (high)

• M-T-O switch: 3 positions Microphone–Telecoil–Off

• Direct audio input - MLx compatible

• Unfiltered earhook

• Battery size 13


• Tamper-resistant volume control

• Tamper-resistant battery door

• Filtered earhook

• Choice of shell colors